Tachai, Phang Nga.

When summer comes, almost all of my favorite songs are always played and circulated. It’s time for me to prepare to look out for the clear sea. For the opening of this season for the hot weather, Koh Tachai is the first place that I intend to go again. After the last visit, it was a flight of air, almost didn’t take any pictures. Koh Tachai, when the first visit was very new, it could be called the first year open for tourism. But today, it has become an island that everyone knows and is a tourist destination for many people at this time. This summer, the songs of the sea go back in time. The first chapter took place at Koh Tachai, Phang Nga.

This trip takes only 2 days 1 night. Leave Bangkok at about 9 pm and arrive at Thap Lamu Pier in Phang Nga province, which is the speedboat boarding point to Koh Tachai. About 8:30 hrs. Departing from that port at about 9 o’clock for tour companies that provide Koh Tachai tourism Last time I used the Sea Star service, which was well looked after and very impressed with this place. But this time, try to use the services of Love Andaman, another famous tour company. Which after using the service, both companies are the same standard The service fee is the same, that is, the price is 2600-2800 baht, but since I go in a lot of people, I ask for the special promotion price which is the same price as the Thai travel promotion, Thailand is 2399 baht, take about 1 hour by boat. Halfway to Koh Tachai, saw the clear blue sea from afar. On a clear day today Calm waves The guide said that today is a clear day, the sky is clear, after many days. Must be called true fortune

have lunch. Which the tour has prepared for After having lunch, our guide took us to walk along the nature study route to see the big chicken crab. Which will live in forests and trees Must say first for anyone who sees this crab picture on the beach Having said that, it is In order to take the crab to take a photo shoot, the real chicken crab must walk around in the forest to see Is another matter that I want to blame Of course, photography must be beautiful, inviting travel. But not too loose from the truth Would like to leave, if you can’t actually see this image like this, then you shouldn’t take this picture to publish to tourists. Or if not, then write a few explanations under the picture Because it is believed that many people must definitely expect

Khura Buri, Phang

Khura Buri, Phang Nga province, about 2 kilometers from the shore, is the largest island in Phang Nga and the 5th largest in Thailand. Ko Phra Thong is caused by the remains of corals deposited for millions of years. Until becoming an island with unusual terrain Which is quite flat Became a distinctive characteristic of this island The east side is complete with the mangrove forest line. On the west side is sandy beach. In the middle of the island is a large grassland with scattered white Samet trees. The land on Ko Phra Thong is mostly sandy soil, not suitable for cultivation. Due to natural conditions and has previously mined Making it the main cash crop with cashews and coconut But Koh Phra Thong is an island that is very biodiversity On the island, there are beaches, beach forests, mangrove swamp forests, Samed forests, grasslands, shrubs, alternative society. Rare orchid

Even though it is a large island But on Ko Phra Thong there are only 3 villages which are Ban Pak Kork, Ban Thung Dab and Ban Pae Yo. The image of a golden field that covers the entire area of ​​the island is a vast expanse of sight. With white Samet scattered in patches The atmosphere resembles a grassland in Africa. In the morning or evening, the golden light shone on the beautiful grass. Resulting in Ko Phra Thong being selected as a part of the tourist attraction in the Unseen Thailand project of the Tourism Authority of Thailand Ko Phra Thong became famous immediately with the nickname “Savannah Thailand”, causing many tourists to visit Ko Phra Thong But after the tsunami, more than half of the island’s population disappeared Therefore, Ko Phra Thong is currently relatively quiet. Ko Phra Thong is an island that is suitable for nature lovers. Ecotourism Learn about community Because there is peace Is one of the islands that can choose to do a variety of activities, such as camping, cycling, visiting the savannah field Island traffic Must use a E-bike, 4-wheel drive motorcycle, side trailer Because the road is quite narrow Some of the soil is loamy sandy

Phang Nga Bay Another popular

Cruise to Phang Nga Bay Another popular activity is Where we will get a view of Phang Nga Bay that will make us get excited with the rocky cliffs and strange shaped islands See the large area of ​​natural mangrove forest which is the largest mangrove forest in Thailand today. The area of ​​the national park consists of around 42 large and small islands lined by the waters of mangrove forests such as Hong Island, Panyee Island, Khao Ping Kan, Khao Tao Island, Koh Tao Island, Phra Athao Island, Boi Noi Island, Ko Yai Yai Island, Raya Ringing Island, and Ko Phak Island.
A boat trip to Phang Nga Bay may be purchased from a tour company in Phuket or Phang Nga, which accounts for a package of around 1 thousand ups (including 1 meal) or renting a boat from the pier to travel by ourselves, which we assume. The boat trip itself is worthwhile, and we can also customize the schedule for how long we will be in each location. The most convenient and nearest port is the customs port. Located in Takua Thung District Use the same route as Ao Phang Nga National Park, just a little from the office of the national park. You can board the boat directly at the pier. There are many boats parked. Prices are 1-8 people, 1,200 baht, 8-20 people, 2,000 baht, 20-40 people, 4,500 baht. The half-day tourist route takes around 3-4 hours. The stops are Khao Poo Ju, Tham Lod, Tapu Khao Ping Kan ( If wanting to go up the island to see Khao Tapu and Khao Phing Kan Need to pay an extra 60 baht) Ko Panyee

Point 2 is a tour of ancient color paintings. There are 4 paintings in Ao Phang Nga National Park that are currently found, namely Phra Phra Athaet, Khao Nak Nak, He Raya and Khao Khao, but what we see is that he writes is the only one he writes on the route. Tourism of the park In the Mueang Phang Nga district area Which is the nearest and is a way through which we can easily visit other spots He wrote limestone in the Phang Nga Bay near Ko Panyee. In the form of a stone shelter that was concave into the limestone cliffs of his The color paintings appear in the indentations and along the cliffs of the cliffs on the east side of the mountain, clearly visible when passing by boat. The image that appears on the wall consists of people, aquatic animals such as fish, dolphins, crabs, terrestrial animals such as birds, monitor lizards, and people and objects. And images of some objects that look strange Including some symbol images as well

Wat Tham Khamit

Wat Tham Khamit Located in Ban Na District Nakhon Nayok Province Is an ancient temple at the end of the Ayutthaya period, with a church that is over a hundred years old Leaving only some walls and temple arches that are covered with large bodhi roots Became a natural architecture that has passed beautifully over time Until becoming another check-in place worth visiting in Nakhon Nayok


Travels to Dharmakit Temple using google maps will not appear. But will be known Wat Lek Thammakit School To follow the same path first Close enough to have a name tag Wat Tham Khamit That is clearly visible, with a small alley Turn in When arriving at the temple and park the car in front Wat Pho Chapel located on the back. Will find the temple arch that is not very high Traveling in the late afternoon, there is a light shining on the door, it is more magical.


Entering the gate will find an old church made of brick. Currently, only a part of the wall remains. Covered with bodhi trees and large roots, looks strange Including helping to shade well There is only one wall that still remains the most obvious traces of the past. There are 2 adjacent windows. This corner becomes a spot to shoot highlights. That tourists must post pose to take pictures






In the middle of the church is a small pavilion. That enshrines the Buddha image



The temple door on the other side is also covered with the roots of the Bodhi tree. Became the gateway to time Like Phra Ngam Temple, Ayutthaya, even though it’s a small area But almost every corner is beautiful There is peace Non tourist Walk and take pictures until enjoying

The blue pond is located in Nong Pling Subdistrict

The blue pond is located in Nong Pling Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. It is a large gravel soil pond. The water in the pond is turquoise, which is as beautiful as the sea. Transformed into a water source with good atmosphere, beautiful view Create excitement To the spectators Makes it possible to take pictures and share images on social media Until causing tourists Travel to come to take pictures continuously

The blue pond is not far from Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. Travel is recommended to set google maps that Wat Sri Yothin do not say that the Emerald Pool Or the blue pond Because there may be different coordinates After that, drive past Wat Si Yothin about 300 meters and you will see Soi 8, turn into The entire path in the alley is a dirt road. Keep driving straight At the intersection, turn left. This path looks a little immense. Feel like you’re lost. No one will ask anyone to ask. But do not panic Drive straight to the end of the road Will start to see the characteristics of the pond Confessed that at first he was slightly shocked The atmosphere looked quiet and lonely. The forest was in my heart. I didn’t see anything.

But after driving for a bit to the end of the road Found this picture to wow, it is really beautiful for the area of ​​the well. Is a pond that, in the past, had been excavated and sold to the ground to form a large pond And there are many laterite wells which only one beautiful pond which is the first The pond has shelters that have been abandoned. As for the turquoise water, it is believed that it was caused by the rain that washed away many minerals in the soil. Causing the water to change color according to the mineral type until the color becomes more beautiful Villagers say it is an old gravel pond that has been left for decades. And do not know the exact owner I heard from the academics that the water is highly acidic and should not be used for swimming. Another thing is that the water is quite deep and cold, may be a drown cramp Therefore, if traveling, would like to come to take a photo to experience the atmosphere around the pond would be better Since it has not yet been developed into a serious tourist destination Because it is a private area

The beauty of the pond with gradual watercolor Beginning with the shallowest part, clear blue and emerald green, with a white sandy bottom. As for the deep water, it will be dark blue and can not see the sand. Very similar to the sea The white sand area has some green trees growing. Helps to add some freshness

Nong Chok

Nong Chok is a district in Bangkok located in the suburb. Coming here gives you the feeling of being in another province. People don’t get busy. There is still space to breathe in the full lung. There is a hip cafe. Take a chic photo. For people who like making merit, there are beautiful temples to visit to relax the mind. If you want to travel in Bangkok on the Bangkok side of Thon side, go to many places already Try to come and relax, relax, take some stylish photos in Nong Chok


Voodoo café, a cool café in Nong Chok

When will start to start, whichever is convenient For us, it started at eleven o’clock. Intend to have lunch at Voodoo café, the famous cafe that is hit It is both a restaurant and a café in the same store. Decorated in European style combined with vintage style Beautiful with a beautiful garden Filled with trees, flowers, waterfalls, fish ponds, feel like an English garden. The area in the shop is very wide, all areas are verdant with ornamental plants. Can say that there are many angles to take pictures

For traveling to the store, maybe a little deeper. Can set the journey from google maps to arrive. Do not be afraid that there is no parking. Because the park is very wide, there are security guard staff to provide convenience throughout. On the way into the store is a warehouse made of clear glass. Collecting vintage cars, motorcycles and vintage accessories of the shop owner. The front is arranged into a chic photo corner.

Shop entrance Organized into a beautiful garden There is a fountain in the middle. Surrounded by green gardens This zone has many photography angles, including chairs, arches by the waterfall. Ivy in the garden, living pavilion, tree house, fish pond, vintage style iron chairs scattered in the corner of the garden, like a visit to Khao Yai.

Arriving at the shop, if wanting to have a meal, contact the staff And inquire about seating Which if coming during the holidays from noon to early afternoon The queue is quite a lot. Have to wait for the table queue While waiting for a walk to take photos first Start from the beautiful garden zone in front of the shop. With a cute little house Covered with various ivy At the back is a waterfall and a small fish pond.

Next is a raised tree house. There is a large fish pond in front. And hanging rattan chairs Behind there is a stairway leading up to the balcony to enjoy the view.

Bang Khuat floating market

Let’s continue at the Bang Khulat floating market. Is an old market area along the canal in Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province. Formerly a market with rowing boats selling canals But has now moved to land Is a small market with not many shops Open every Saturday and Sunday If walking into the front, will find the fresh market first. Which the products sold are the same as the general fresh market For traveling if bringing a private car Can be parked at Chao Pho Shrine Which is a little beyond the market Able to walk through each other through a narrow alley

Coming to the market Quite lonely There are 1 noodle shops and 2 water stalls, which are called if you intend to visit this market, especially not very interesting. But if it is a way to go somewhere else, it is considered a stop

The most beautiful shooting angle in the market It is not an old house, decorated in a retro atmosphere. There is a sign named “New Wattana Market” which is the original name of Bang Khuat Floating Market.

Weekend  coffee

Ending up to experience the atmosphere that is not busy. Giving a feeling of living in a relative’s house in another province Enjoy the shady garden. Sitting in a hut beside the rice field Smells of Ban Thung not far from Bangkok Ask to jump to Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi at Weekend coffee, Cafe Rimna Weekend coffee is open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, as the name of the shop. The shop is located in an alley beside the village of Monawadee Park. Entering the alley through a slightly dirt road Drive along the road for about 400 meters. Upon arriving, park the car beside the shop. Which there are not many parking spaces First, find a shop shooting corner, a scarecrow and a haystack.

The shop was converted into a cafe in the house, good atmosphere, shady place Giving the feeling of sitting in a garden house The shop is all open air. There are many corners to sit and relax. Including translated swings, benches, table seats, bar counters, canal seats Decorated with sundries, very cute

The area behind the shop looks like a lush green rice field. There is a corner seat highlighting a small pavilion. Adjacent to rice fields Is a feel that Unbelievable that Bang Bua Thong will have images like this for us to watch. In a café located in a community area

The water menu includes beverages, coffee and tea and Italian soda, butterfly pea. As for the food menu, about 4-5 items are single dishes and most appetizers.

Wat Prayong Kittiwanaram

From Voodoo café, less than ten minutes to Wat Prayong Kittiwanaram. Temple quiet and shady Suitable for a Buddhist who aims to practice dharma There is a beautiful and admirable faith in the architecture of the Lord Buddha and Garuda. Statue of Reverend Grandfather Thuat Big Buddha amulet Buddha images, granting Ganesha, Ganesha posture, etc.

The temple is located far from the hustle and bustle, quiet, clean, orderly. Shady, cool, comfortable parking in front of the chapel, with a large Garuda statue The upper body is red. Golden wing and suspension That looks elegant and formidable It is like this Garuda of the Prayong Kittiwanaram temple.

Inside the ubosot enshrined the enormous Buddha statue Is the principal Buddha image The church is surrounded by religious characters. Is a multi-chapter incantation As a blessing to those who come to pay obeisance

Go to Nont town, travel in Thai style, sit and chill, beautiful cafe

Just thinking of eating Thai food. In a Thai atmosphere But please pamper yourself away from Bangkok a little bit. Nonthaburi is near, but anywhere near that area Visit ancient beautiful temples Made merit too Before returning to the capital, end up with a stop to sit and sip tea in a beautiful cafe. Good atmosphere in Pak Kret area All of this takes half a day. Can help to relax a lot


12.00 น. เรือนทับขวัญ ทานอาหารไทยตำรับชาววัง 

Ruen Thabwan, an ancient Thai restaurant in the atmosphere of the Ruean Thai Resort, Central Surrounded by various trees That are hiding in Mueang Nonthaburi District If anyone is looking for a restaurant that serves traditional Thai food Elaborately decorated in a beautiful porcelain bowl The umbrella atmosphere is Thai atmosphere. This shop is an interesting option.

The restaurant is located in Thap Khwan Resort. When you come to inform you of the food, then drive to the end. Can park in front of the Thai house, which is the area of ​​the restaurant The shop is a two-story Thai house. The ground floor is the area of ​​the restaurant. Which is divided into two sides Air-conditioned room type As for the area on the 2nd floor, can set up a place for taking pictures The day we traveled to have a wedding in the morning. Second floor of the Thai house Were decorated with flowers And the conch watering table Therefore did not go up to take pictures

The atmosphere around the Thai house is shady, surrounded by green lawns. In the middle is a large lotus pond. Which in the front is the area of the Thai house

The restaurant is not very wide, decorated in Thai style. Most menus focus on traditional Thai food. And general Thai food menu As for the ancient Thai food Is a recipe in authentic Thai style like a royal palace or royal recipe Raw materials used in cooking Come from the local area, decorated in Thai porcelain that looks attractive Order to complement the lotus petals Miang Nam is an ancient style, filled with rich roasted coconut, eaten with lotus petals and side dishes that have been put in the lotus flower very tasty. Run Ran Pork curry is a royal food that has been ancient since, it is another recommended menu to order the spicy flavor of the soup. mellow Fragrant with herbs and full flavored curry The other food ordered is fried sea bass with tamarind sauce. Chilli paste on the boat With vegetables on side dishes Lotus Salad with Fresh Shrimp All three menus are personally Delicious middle For food prices start at 100 baht up, which is the normal price in large stores in general. Check the bill is 1700 baht with a drink and 1 jar of rice.

Finished eating Come for a walk to see the atmosphere Take some photos The atmosphere outside the Thai house is nice to stroll. Take a photo with a shady, big tree, lawn, lotus pond. It makes me feel cool, very relaxed, dressed in Thai clothes. We have a little model too. Totally cute. Come to experience the Thai atmosphere near Bangkok. The food, atmosphere and service of the staff are very good.

The Tree House Nong Chok

Ending up at The Treehouse, another famous cafe in Nong Chok area. Restaurants and cafes Located among the greenery covered the entire shop In addition, the restaurant is also next to the canal, with waterfront zone seating in a private and peaceful atmosphere In addition, in the center of the shop there is a dining table on a large tree. Becoming a popular landmark in the store that anyone can not help but to sit Capture a chic photo shoot corner on a tree branch sprawling and shady.

The shop has many zones to choose from. With waterfront seats as pavilions by the canal for cool breeze Outdoor zone in the garden This zone, which has to sit at many points Eat the natural way of a country house in another province Also have a chic corner to take many pictures The most popular corner Sitting and sipping drinks on the big tree It is a bar seat with a leg hanging.

As for the seating area in the air-conditioned room, there are around 4 tables in the back of the house which is quite small. If coming during the weekends, it may be necessary to reserve a table in the air-conditioned room in advance. And next to the air-conditioned zone is an indoor outdoor roofed seating

This is an Islamic restaurant, so the ingredients are mainly meat, chicken, fish, shrimp, squid. Stir-fried noodle menu, spicy curry salad, appetizer, salad, steak. If ordering a side dish, a small dish, small quantity, in relation to the price, which is not very expensive. Suitable for eating with 2 people, if coming with many people or the whole family Suggest to order double so you don’t have to wait for a new order because it may take a long time. For the overall taste of food and beverages, the taste is not too great.