A Little Slice of Relaxation Heaven in Jordan

As part of my trip to the Jordan Tourism Board, I have the opportunity to be in truly wonderful places, but Evason Ma’In Hot Springs is at the top of its favorites. I We have so many great places they set me up that it’s hard to go out.

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan’s sixth sense spa entrance.
Perfect weather

This Six Senses hotel is only a few miles from Dea Sea and is 264 meters (866 feet) from sea level. It is situated in a beautiful and functional natural oasis, with two hot water springs adjacent to the property.

All property is an example of elegance.
Colorful decor and decoration in harmony with the surroundings – I just want more than one night to relax in luxury.

This is not the way I travel. But I can change easily. This trip through Jordan is a revelation of travel and stay at Evason Ma’In Hot Springs. This is one of many reasons.

Food at several restaurants in the place. (I can try two of them), it’s also wonderful. The restaurant, located on the cliffs at the edge of the Dead Sea, serves a variety of regional and international dishes, including a restaurant overlooking the Jerusalem skyline and beautiful sunsets reflecting the water. Unfortunately ‘Can not be enjoyed But look amazing

Six Senses Spa Evason Ma’in Hot Spring
View from the main hotel down to the spa, feel the valley.

And we came to this point … Spa

I personally do not consider any type of luxury item. In my book, they are what we all should do, because I strongly believe that this is a great way to reduce stress and keep your body in good condition in recovery. When I was in Argentina and returned to Argentina, I got at least once a month. Like I was at the Phenicia Hotel in Beirut, the hotel I went to Evason Ma’In Hot Springs rose to a better level.

Staying at Evason Ma’In Hot Springs is part of a travel sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board. But I did not offer to represent anything other than my true opinion. Even if we get all the great things. But there is no need to worry about our heavenly critique.

Evason Ma’In is located at the corner of the Dead Sea, where my friend Isabelle recently visited and loved. Nelie highlights one of the great parks in the vicinity as well. Dana National Park in her position on Jordan from Desert to Sea.

Train Travel Tips in Europe

Unlike the United States, the Amtrak service is usually around the European railroad service. The railroad is king, and there are many different services. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, if traveling long distances, the railways can easily and conveniently travel. The costs and time spent on these trips may vary considerably while there are breathtaking journeys that have beautiful and spectacular paths that overwhelm what you see from the plane’s windows.

Train services
There are major variations in the types of rail services available, with some routes having rapid connections across international borders and traveling at speeds of more than 100 mph while subways can descend to trains. The locals stopped at every town. Depending on the importance you get to a destination quickly, or whether you have more time to savor your journey, there are options that are right for you.

International train
There are several international train lines that you can consider during your trip to Europe and may include routes that connect major destinations such as trains from Vienna to Budapest. In fact, one of the most impressive works of rail engineering will be seen if you travel from Britain to France with Eurostar service via the Channel Tunnel, which covers 27 miles French Channel. There are also many services connected to the business center of the continent with high-speed trains, such as trains from Vienna to Prague. On some long journeys, there may be a sleeper shower, which will help you arrive at your destination the next morning.

National High Speed ​​Rail
While international trains can provide excellent connections and may stop at several stations in major countries, the next train journey is the National High Speed ​​Rail. These are connected to major cities in the country and usually have few stops. High speed trains usually have first class seats and standard available and in many cases these routes are faster than intercity flights, especially when you consider transit times and departure times.

Local train
Local trains will be found throughout the country and will typically provide short-distance routes by calling in many cities as they move from the beginning to the destination. If you are concerned about budget travel, these local trains often offer cheaper tickets than high-speed trains if you want to take your trip. Also, if you are trying to get to a faraway destination or a special attraction outside of the main route, these local trains can often reach you in different parts of the city.

View of European Railways

If you are traveling for pleasure, the European Railways will offer you some exciting journeys along both the public and railroad tracks as well. One of the most interesting routes of this route is the Le Petit Train Jaune, which flows southwest of France through the Pyrenees, crosses some beautiful bridges and beautiful views of the mountains. Some of the other exciting routes are the crossing of the Italian Alps, while the Frejus Ferry in North Wales takes some beautiful scenic Snowdonia.

Eurail Card
To pay for travel in Europe, an interesting option is the Eurail Pass, which offers unlimited travel for European public rail services. It is usually reserved for several days, and if you plan to use a large number of train journeys in a short period of time to view the continent as much as possible, this can prove to be a great investment. However, please note that you may need to book some major routes in advance to use this card, and if you are not traveling on most days of travel, you can book each ticket.

Train travel
European train travel fees may vary depending on the country you travel and the type of train you are using. One of the best ways to get the lowest price is to book in advance, with travel up to three months in advance. You can save up to 50% on the same day you pay for the ticket. If you are visiting a vacation area, then your itinerary may allow you to book tickets in advance, which can be a worthwhile option.

The Top 8 Australian National Parks You Need to See

Australia is an amazing place which is home to one of the world’s most beautiful parks. From climbing to rock climbing, this 8th National Park has something for all lovers. But before you go into the path, make sure you are covered by travel insurance, especially if you intend to engage in extreme sports with your loved ones.

Find coverage that can protect you from high medical costs or poorer care. Start by searching Google to find a service provider in your country of residence. Australians will want to find an Australian travel insurance company, where Americans will want to find a carrier in America.

Here are 8 of Australia’s leading national parks that nature lovers would love to see.

Daintree National Park
Ever wanted to see the oldest rainforest in the world? If so, do not forget to include Daintree National Park as part of your travel plans. The park, located in Far North, is home to animals and plants that you can not find anywhere else in the world, such as Boyd’s Dragon Rainforest Dragon, Spider Flying Spider, Golden Weave, and Southern Cassowary.

Daintree National Park

The park has heavy rains to avoid visiting during the monsoon season. On a sunny day, you may take a bath in a freshwater swimming hole.

Freycinet National Park
Freycinet National Park is home to the red and pink granite mountains, surrounded by the clear blue waters of Wineglass Bay. This is one of Australia’s premier beaches, so it is worth a visit. If you are a fan of bird watching, Freycinet National Park is the garden for you. While you can fish, kayak, sea or relax on the beach.

Kakadu National Park
Kakadu National Park, the largest park in the country, may be the only place in the world where you can see rock art and aboriginal crocodiles in one place! Aboriginal people have built their home for over 40,000 years. More than 5,000 stone works can be found throughout the Kakadu National Park. The park is half the size of Switzerland, so be sure to set up. Time to get into the plants and animals.

Kosciuszko National Park
If you have a day plan to visit New South Wales, be sure to spend a few hours at Kosciuszko National Park. This park is named after Mount Koscuiszko, the highest peak in the Australian mainland. The garden overlooks the glacial lakes that seem like they’re straight from the magazine. In summer, you can climb or go horseback riding while in the winter, this park is ideal for skiing.

Port Campbell National Park
Port Campbell National Park is a perfect combination of amazing rock formations and little beaches. The park is located on the shore of Shipwreck and is home to the best rock you will find in the country. Not only can you enjoy the natural beauty of the area, you also have the opportunity to see a few wrecked ships. The park is also home to plants and animals of all kinds, including wild orchids, as well as shark-themed owls, gray kangaroos and falcons.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is home to the Aboriginal spiritual center. A large sandstone called Uluru is located in the midst of the central Australian desert. In the garden you will find 32 rock domes and gorgeous sunsets and sunsets, which you will not find anywhere in the country.


Purnululu National Park
While the Purnululu National Park is visible on foot, the best way to view this park’s amazing scenery is from the above. The Bungle Bungle range features many variations of sandstone with detailed stripes. Black and orange are remarkable. If you can not see the park from the air, it is a great place for hiking and camping. Be prepared for some rugged terrain and do not forget to pack plenty of food to keep you excited throughout the journey.

Waterfalls National Park
Previously, Nambung National Park seemed to be what you see on other planets. Like other parks, the formation of rocks surrounded by beautiful blue waters. The difference in this park is the formation is not in the water! They can be found in the Pinnacles Desert. Some of the formation takes place more than 3.6 billion years ago, making Nambung National Park a place to go if you want to experience the rich history. The yellow sand of the desert is very different from the ocean at the Kangaroo Point, which makes the actual phenomenon.

The park is home to more than 150 species of animals such as red hawk and gray kangaroo

Preparing Your Taste Buds For Dining On Your Travel Destinations’ Traditional Dishes

Everyone has a list of places they have visited and explored for a long time. Some may travel as needed, while others spend more time planning and saving before their dream destination becomes reality. As you wait until your duck is in the queue, you will have the experience that you will be able to create something interesting for your future trip.

As you wait for a trip to start, there is nothing like good food and ambience to stir up the international flavor you long for. When you prepare to travel to these five great travel destinations, then take their local food. (In case you can not find a restaurant nearby, you can do it yourself) will make you satisfied. You want in the meantime


Phuket Thailand
Your trip to Phuket is full of adventures in shops, from white sand beaches to beautiful elephants. Since you can not replicate these traits in your home, bring traditional foods into your evening to make diarrhea travel mistakes. Sweet and spicy pork, Tom Yum Kung and many other Thai delicacies will disappoint you in having lunch and a good night’s sleep.

Venice, Italy
Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, group tour or adventure for you alone, Venice has everything from gorgeous places to delicious food. The warm service of polenta, sea risotto or steamed gnocchi will lead you to a warm evening alongside the canal. And at the end of the perfect Italian meal, you can add side dishes to add sweetness.

Tokyo, Japan

When you think of Japanese food, you may think of sushi first. But this rich culture has many interesting dishes to offer besides sushi on the usual Friday night you are used to. Your choices range from ramen noodles with meat or vegetables, shrimp fritters, tempura and Japanese yogurt.

Dubai, UAE
Dubai is a city filled with everything beautiful and sacred. Materials markets and shopping centers should be on the to-do list. What makes this destination even better is the endless array of unique food options. Enjoy the goodness of falafel, baba ganoush, kebabs and more. You can whip these meals by yourself or buy them in any way, you will energy the anticipation for your trip.


Barcelona, ​​Spain
Food in Spain is the envy of many countries and when you are prepared for a trip to Barcelona, ​​sampling traditional food is your most favorite thing until you experience it. As with other dream destinations, these dishes have a long history and are part of the seafood culture. Paella is a fine food to do at home, but empanadas tortillas and crema catalana will take you to the spirit of the Spanish fiesta. Waiting for you on the Iberian peninsula

Four Must See Destinations If Money Is No Object

If money is the object, you will go to the world no? Is there an exotic place that you dream of? Or once in your life, you will not find anywhere else? We look at four magical places around the world that rank as some of the most expensive to visit. To discover these top attractions, you need to be prepared to break away from your high-cash income or hope to win a major lottery.

Las Vegas, United States
For some people in North America, a trip to Las Vegas may not be a long way. In fact, you may not need a plane to get there. But getting the most out of Las Vegas requires at least a payout for casino recreation. Of course, Vegas is not just gambling on roulette wheels and slot machines, it’s a once in a life time, like a city helicopter ride and a hot-air balloon at sunrise, as well as riding. The show will feature magic, music and comedy, and a great place to eat.

Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich will burn holes in most people’s pockets with an average beer price of $ 6.41 for pints, $ 17.46 for cocktails and $ 6 cups of coffee for you to return to. It would be worth it if you could buy it with some great cultural enjoyment, such as the Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas, walking through the old town and the opportunity to drink beer and try to make sausages with bad names. Of the world Zueghauskeller. You can end the trip by boat ride on the Limmat River.

Seychelles is an island nation located 932 miles east of Africa in the Indian Ocean, and in the 1970s is famous for its rich and famous holiday playgrounds. Resorts on the island are generally expensive. But it will help to get a lottery ticket to visit Fregate. The south island of Mahe’s main island is a private resort with splendid ocean-view villas made of mahogany and teakwood, which are not cheap. Over $ 1,000 per night. Windsurfing and hiking are popular recreational activities if you can find time out of the infinity pool.

Oslo, Norway
Brewery in Oslo in Oslo is priced at an average of $ 7.50, which lets you know how expensive this trip is in the Norwegian capital. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place that celebrates history with a contemporary dynamic edge. The mix of urban expansion with mountain backdrop is an intriguing thing in itself. But the jumping island in Oslo Fjord makes the arrival here more exciting. However, you will have to pay more wherever you go, as a typical living city and above average salaries have seen prices rise by 20% compared to other parts of Western Europe.