Rattanathanaram Temple

From the field of crested Naga flowers Continue to Rattanarat Taram Temple or Wat Lan Hoi which is located not far away. Inside the temple, bring sea shells to decorate Decorated until beautiful and unique Became the exquisite work of Buddhist art from the only shell in Thailand Making this temple another one of Unseen temples that are both beautiful And also shows the faith in Buddhism of the people in the area

When walking into the temple, you will find a large reclining Buddha. And various temples and architecture, the mandapa, the bell tower, decorated with a variety of sea shells, beautiful patterns, all of which are the work of the abbot and Phra Luk temple. Help each other do with your heart, even if you haven’t studied art before. Who, after walking alms round And found numerous cockles and abandoned castles For many months to many years, still in its original condition, without decay. Therefore has ideas to decorate around the Phra Hall

The interior is decorated using clams. Or missing a large dish, including conch shells Which the disciples brought and decorated to be lined up into small, large flowers, ceilings, columns and walls. And floating elements including parrot statues The bird of the bird adheres like in the jungle. In which this part is left to the natural color of the mollusk No tinting, which is naturally beautiful

Next to Phra Kaew Hall Is a building with Rahu at the entrance In which there is a large Buddha image The ceiling by the marks on the side door decorated with colorful shells in the shape of flowers Curved around the building Very beautiful

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