Cafe ‘De Nadi (Cafe de Nadi)

Finish with lunch at Cafe ‘De Nadi (Cafe De Nadi), a beautiful coffee shop on the street 304 before reaching Thap Lan National Park. And Wang Nam Khiao Beautifully decorated Is a popular shop for people traveling to the Wang Nam Khiao line You can stop, stop and have a drink on the way. Or if traveling to Nadi district Stop at the crested flower fields Nak And Rattanathanaram Temple Or Wat Lan Hoi Before returning, can stop by to eat at this restaurant Because it is located very far away from each other

The shop is a square design house. Add greenery with various ivy The interior of the shop is decorated in earth tones, focusing on wooden furniture. Gives a feeling of airy By dividing the seating zone into both air-conditioned rooms And outdoor open-air seating outside under the shade of green trees

As for the menu, there are savory dishes, beverages, desserts, savory dishes that focus on a single dish, Thai food, Western food and appetizers at an affordable price. We ordered salads, tuna, salmon, chicken wings, topped with stir-fried spaghetti. The food taste is considered usable. As for the drinks, the taste is good, not too sweet It is a cozy shop and the food is ok. In Nadi district that is suitable for a stopover before returning to Bangkok

Cafe ‘De Nadi (Cafe de Nadi)

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