Visiting the White Sand Community A touch of good things in Pattani

เที่ยวชุมชนทรายขาว สัมผัสของดีแห่งเมืองปัตตานี

Mr Today knows travelers Take everyone south to experience the city of culture, art and nature224703 at the White Sand Community in Pattani Province. Anyone who wants to see the view, see architecture, taste fruit, shopping, weaving along this way.352169

For people who have heard the name and have tasted the flavor of “White sand durian” would know well how good the taste But many people may not know that “White Sand” in the name of Durian comes from the name of a district in Khok Pho District, Pattani Province, and this place is not only good for Durian. Experience the chic Of this lovely travel community

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