Step on the whale to look at the sky and see the nature “Sam Whale Stone” Unseen Thailand

เหยียบวาฬ มองฟ้า ชมธรรมชาติ “หินสามวาฬ” Unseen ThailandOnce in a lifetime, go out and find a whale in a big forest. Ready to stand and watch the sky Feel the good weather on Phu Sing, “Hin Sam Whale”, the most Unseen Thailand attraction in Bueng Kan Province. Which can say that the beauty is 5 star693512271097712139Then continue to take beautiful pictures at the “View Point hundred ponds” here. The stone floor is a small pond, which is caused by the erosion of the sun and natural rain. Which is very strange and chic. In addition, it is a 360-degree viewpoint that can see the nature clearly And in the evening it was a watch Another beautiful “sunset” in Phu Sing

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