Visiting the White Sand Community A touch of good things in Pattani

เที่ยวชุมชนทรายขาว สัมผัสของดีแห่งเมืองปัตตานี

Mr Today knows travelers Take everyone south to experience the city of culture, art and nature224703 at the White Sand Community in Pattani Province. Anyone who wants to see the view, see architecture, taste fruit, shopping, weaving along this way.352169

For people who have heard the name and have tasted the flavor of “White sand durian” would know well how good the taste But many people may not know that “White Sand” in the name of Durian comes from the name of a district in Khok Pho District, Pattani Province, and this place is not only good for Durian. Experience the chic Of this lovely travel community

Cheow Lan Dam Tourism Sleep and indulge in nature to refresh the heart.

เที่ยวเขื่อนเชี่ยวหลาน นอนแพดื่มด่ำธรรมชาติให้ชุ่มชื่นหัวใจKhao Sok National Park (Ratchaprapa Dam) or Cheow Lan dam, the ultimate land of the center of “Mountains of Rain Forest”, the largest evergreen forest consisting of Khao Sok National Park Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary Khlong Yan Wildlife Sanctuary Khlong Naka Wildlife Sanctuary Sri Phang Nga National Park And Kaeng Krung National Park There are natural wonders, including waterfalls, cliffs, caves and views of the limestone mountains that stand over the water. Until receiving the nickname “Guilin, Thailand”, also known as “Khao Sam Koso”, waiting for people to visit Take a couple photos as a souvenir. Coordinates are clear, not difficult to find. In the middle of Ratchaprapa Dam (Cheow Lan)

Visit Sai Temple, see the beauty of Bodhi root, embrace the church in Sing Buri

เที่ยววัดไทร ชมความงามของรากโพธิ์โอบรัดโบสถ์ ที่สิงห์บุรี“Wat Sai”, formerly known as “Wat Soar”, is located in In Buri District, Sing Buri Province, adjacent to the Chao Phraya River, a very shady temple The past information goes on that There was a pilgrim coming to see this abandoned temple and saw that the surrounding area had dense banyan trees. Therefore telling the villagers to change the name of the temple to Wat Sai. This temple is expected to be built during the Ayutthaya period. The church left only a wall with banyan roots that holds the church wall not to collapse. The roof was shaded by banyan trees because the roof and temple pavilions had deteriorated and were destroyed.

Step on the whale to look at the sky and see the nature “Sam Whale Stone” Unseen Thailand

เหยียบวาฬ มองฟ้า ชมธรรมชาติ “หินสามวาฬ” Unseen ThailandOnce in a lifetime, go out and find a whale in a big forest. Ready to stand and watch the sky Feel the good weather on Phu Sing, “Hin Sam Whale”, the most Unseen Thailand attraction in Bueng Kan Province. Which can say that the beauty is 5 star693512271097712139Then continue to take beautiful pictures at the “View Point hundred ponds” here. The stone floor is a small pond, which is caused by the erosion of the sun and natural rain. Which is very strange and chic. In addition, it is a 360-degree viewpoint that can see the nature clearly And in the evening it was a watch Another beautiful “sunset” in Phu Sing