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Ban Rim Na Cafe

Thai style cafe in a comfortable atmosphere by the green field. Located not far from Wat Phai Rong Wua Suitable for those who seek delicious food And a good drink in a field atmosphere This cafe is located in the same area as Khanna Kitchen and Ruan Thai Home Resort, so it serves both delicious Thai food and a full drink menu. All in one place. If anyone has a plan to travel to Suphanburi, I definitely recommend not to miss it.

30 places to visit in Suphan Let’s invite each other on holidays

Suphan Buri, a tourist province near the city that has many tourist attractions Both nature and mountains Old market Community, way of life, temples and historical sites Including delicious local food and beautiful cafes to travel without boring Can travel both in the morning and evening Or will stay overnight, feel the atmosphere is even better Hurry and invite the gang to drive with 30 travel destinations in Suphan Let’s invite each other on holidaysเที่ยวสุพรรณ

Saphan Arch Floating Market

Floating Fish Market, Giant Bridge, Chic Check-in at Suphanburi Located in Song Phi Nong District Get a natural atmosphere With many beautiful shooting angles Including random giant fish A bamboo bridge that curves back and forth among the lotus fields. There is a food shop of villagers selling in the market at an affordable price. Across the bridge to find the pagoda cafe. Located on the waterfront, with views of the market and a giant fish random on the opposite side

Ban Ton Tan Tower Observatory

Ban Ton Tan Tower Observatory Looks like a tower by using bamboo for construction. It has an octagonal shape, over 20 meters in height, which the villagers put together to build in accordance with the folk wisdom. By not using bamboo that can be found in the community until assembled tightly Turned into a tower to watch the fields in the middle of the big pond Surrounded by a wide area of ​​over 120 rai. When standing up on the top floor, you can see the 360-degree view of the rice field, overlooking the green rice fields. Coconut trees planted along the ridge And can see far to Wat Phai Rong Wua Famous temples of Song Phi Nong District

Pony Café Cute nets store, African Rainbow

Cute nets store, African Rainbow. There is an antique that goes well with the cuteness of all pony pony dolls decorated throughout the shop. The seats are divided into two zones: the inner zone and the outer zone The interior zone is out-of-the-wall, vintage, not air conditioned but with cool air and fresh air. The outside of the table and chairs are bright and colorful, with a beautiful garden corner with chandelier trees descending from above. There are quite a lot of air ventilation fans which can blow away the heat. The menu is quite a lot. From sandwiches, pizza, pasta, steaks, single dishes Bakery Cake To choose to eatpony-cafe1pony-cafe2