Romantic atmosphere restaurant

1.Chocolate Ville


Famous restaurant row Kaset-Nawamin With decorated like a European style village Like sitting in a country outside There are many famous wines. And taking very beautiful pictures As for food, not to mention his deliciousness and very good. Suitable for taking fans who like photography Sit and get wind chill Come and sip a romantic wine.

Location: Kaset-Nawamin Road, KM 11, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240


2.The Glass House Pattaya


The restaurant has an impressive atmosphere. Next to the sea with a romantic and private atmosphere Available in a variety of seating zones With both savory and sweet food Called ready to welcome couples to sit in the suites and soak up the atmosphere by the sea Sip a cool cocktail. Those who visit Pattaya must try once, good service, delicious food, take beautiful pictures of this Valentine. Don’t forget to bring your beloved.


Store location: 5/22 Moo 2, Na Chom Thian, Soi 10, Na Chom Thian District, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250


See the sculpture of the straw puppet in the middle of the new fields of Loei province.

Puang Na Na, who visited the new province of Loei Meet the straw puppet sculpture 
Promote community tourism Which is open for viewing from today - April 2018 only

At the other one, the province travels to the northeast. With many interesting attractions 
Bring to anyone who loves When traveling at all together Today, we have one more 
place to visit. The new landmark is to introduce "Straw Pu Na Na". Visitors will be able 
to see the lovely straw puppet sculpture for you to take a fun photo, which is the first 
and only place in it. Many people still think that the straw puppet that looks like? We 
will take you to see each other.

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Awesome Italian towns

As we write about the great Italian hill town, this is a continuation of the strange with the other five cities we like to go and hopefully you will add them on your Italian trip if you have not already.


Just a short drive from Orvieto is a small lake town of Bolsena. In the summer is a bustling hot spot on holiday, with beaches, sailing, food and fun.

Favorite city of italy

It is also a place where we visited one of our most spine churches at St. Christiania Cathedral, visit the tombs of Saint Christina and the ancient tombs. Churches The church has many stories to tell, and works of art are amazing. It is a truly hidden gem and incredible. The rest of the city is a wonderful mix of medieval and modern, with many shops and restaurants. The delicacy of the area is fish-themed from Lake Bolsena. The type of white fish is excellent, served only with lemon.


Montepulciano It is one of my favorite hills. Its splendor begins when you get close to the city with a beautiful silhouette rising before you come across a rugged Tuscan mountain road in the city that swirls up from the parking lot where you left the car. We never visit without stopping at Antico Caffe Poliziano for coffee and healing. They’ve been around since 1868 so you know they’re doing the right thing!


At the top in the main square sit the cathedral, the beautiful town hall, and one of the oldest winemakers in Italy, continues to produce wines from the castles family Cantina Contucci. Their production and preservation of wines has been carried out in layers. Many under the castle for over 1000 years and another 41 generations. You can visit the basement to taste and buy a bottle to take with you. Keep an eye out for your walkway entrance. The top


It was love at first sight when we looked at Todi, sitting in the lush countryside of Umbrian from the parking lot at Todi’s base, jumping on a tram that whisks you up to the city level and out into the park. Beautiful with epic views of the city and the valley below.

Take a walk in the main square of the city and you will be impressed by the great architecture and the spacious square hidden inside. Go out to explore the city, quickly melt into a narrow winding road with shops and restaurants, and steep steps leading to the Basilica Concattedrale di Maria SS Ma Annunziata. At the peak of Todi, eating in Todi is another way. Choose one with a dining venue that serves the finest olive oil of Italy and many wonderful local wines.


The town of Barga Valley in the Serchio Valley has a special place in our minds. The old town is just a few pedestrianized streets, and most shops sell food and gelato. All paths lead to the Duomo at the top and look out over the valley.


A forest filled with mushrooms, chestnuts and wild boar is attached to Apuan Alps’ marble peaks. Ancient hiking trails connect with a small village which makes this area a favorite. The best water bonus on the planet, filtered with marble from the deep fountain to the public taps and many public fountains you can find along the way.


Sometimes overlooked in Pisa and Florence, Lucca is an excellent choice to add to your trip. Centro Storico is accessible only on foot, and there are many exciting things to watch and do, as well. Two towers to climb with the award of scenic views of the surrounding area.

Cities in Italy

Coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants are all around the corner and hidden in every street, so if you are hungry, Luke will be satisfied. Luke also hosts an impressive summer music festival and more churches to visit some of Italy’s largest cities that have just been restored and showcased great things in architecture. Art or history

Have you ever visited these cities or are there other places that you would add to this list?