This team loves you !!! The fan club. Buriram United

Man, we like our favorite sport would be inevitable football, that’s my team that I’m cheering, let’s say it’s the best. Called a top team. Of Thailand, it is with the Thunderbolt Castle or Buriram United itself.

I want to touch the team closely to the edge of the field. Hit the ball to the fans. This is my first post.

Start at Elephant Village Arena or Buriram, known as Thunder Castle, a football club of Buriram United, which is one of the world standard in Thailand. It has a capacity of 32,600 spectators, and FIFA has recorded the world’s smallest stadium, 265. This is another sign of Buriram. Do not lose Castle Phanom Rung as well.

The visit will be open around 30 minutes each round from 09.30 to 16.00 only on no race day. It will start from the press room. Enter the dressing room. And finally, in the field.

And this is the dressing room of the United Buriram United football team! The atmosphere is like the Premier League.

Once inside the stadium, you can walk around and up on the grandstand. The lawn is not allowed to enter.

Tour the field all around. Back to top of the page up there ^

Address: Tambon Isan, Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Opening Hours: The traffic is open around 30 minutes each, from 09:30 to 16:00, only on non-racing days.

Out of the field, I went to the new landmark of Buriram Buriram. Buriram has everything, shops, restaurants, or photo shoots.

Behind the castle is a stone Phanom Rung. There are similarities and sizes equal to the real. The sound system around the castle as well.

There is also a “Siva Garden 12”, a garden of cactus and rock gardens. “Great Siew”, the largest in the world. The Buriram people. Including tourists to appreciate the beauty and relaxation.

Address: Tambon Isan, Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Tel: 09 3559 5588, 09 8103 5331
Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Half day tour Thank you. Talk to my idol, such as Chow Nuch, soft or Captain Frog, who opened a forest restaurant in Kanchanaburi style. Captain Frog 8 is next to the elephant arena.

As a captain of Kanchanaburi, so I try to bring the taste of home to Buriram. The atmosphere is casual. Open air to cool.

Normally, the captain will go to the store to take care of the customers by themselves. It’s just a race day.

For the dish of the restaurant is to order a variety of fish dishes Kang. The meat is thick, soft, thick skin, whether it is Tom Yum fish, Kang fish, Kang and fish sauce. Or try spicy wild boar leaves. The fresh curry with freshly squeezed curry paste, the captain’s spicy, it’s the best.

Address: Exit at Amari Buriram Elephant Camp (on the way to Vic Factory) Buriram Buriram 31000
Tel: 08 7830 0090
Opening Hours: Open daily from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (closed every Monday).

Enjoy your stomach. Caffeine with Sunha Cafe, but a small cafe, but the chickens of her husband. I opened the shop and made myself.

By talking. I know that I like to drink coffee. Time to practice the ball to go to the coffee shop. Before coming to share with the older generation known to open this store. I like to present something that I like to play football.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is pretty vintage, a little out of the campground. And the focus is on the collection of car toys, cameras are more decorative accessories. Every corner of the photo is cool.

Another highlight of this is trying to recruit something new. Let’s try it. Sparking Lemon, Black Cocoa, Cocoa Milk and Coffee Orange Juice with Orange Juice

Who wants to meet Barista in this football player. It can be found almost as well. I do not know what to do.

Address: Phattharabophit Intersection (Khao Malang), Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Opening Hours: Open daily from 09.00 – 18.00 hrs.

This is a true fan. I chose to stay at Amari Buriram United, the first hotel in Thailand decorated as a football theme.

There are 60 Deluxe rooms (44 rooms), Grand Deluxe (14 rooms) and 2 Bedroom Suites (2 rooms).

Dinner is served at Kick Off restaurant with international and Thai dishes.

Address: 444 Moo 15 Buriram – Prakhonchai Road Buriram Buriram 31000
Tel: 0 4411 1444

Sorry! It was a happy moment for Buriram United fans like me. This is my first post. I will go to the next page. Waiting for the brothers. ^^

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.

Classic Car Caravan may not be new for the Natives. If anyone passes by on the Asian road, they will see each other until the end. But for us, it may not be frequented by the Chai Nat. This is a chance to rest. Have come to many places in Chainat today, let’s take a look at the classic Car Caravan – Classic Car Car. The car is unique in this area.

Previously, Car Caravan Classic opened exclusively for Cafe Zone and Restaurant. Including family activities. Feed the fish, feed the lambs and have a tree house to walk up to the beautiful picture.

But now Classic Car Caravan has launched a resort-style room. And car-style home designed by the experience of you, the owner of a business that has been doing business for a car for many years, called the classic car caravan in the car industry is well known. Here is a showroom where customers can see the real car before making a purchase.

There are many diners here. Coffee Shop Zone There are activities to bring children to play with animals. Experience the fresh air under the umbrella. To touch the field wide. Take a break from work.

The rooms at the Classic Caravan have 6 standard rooms. Price 750 บาท

Family Room 1 room for 4 persons, price 1,500 Baht with sitting corner in the room.

4 cars for a price of 1,500-2,000 baht to choose a classic car and classic car car in the caravan.

In the garden cafe and restaurant zone. It is open from 07:30 to 22:00, so it is a stopover for travelers and spinners. You can visit the breakfast. And suitable for taking children. Activities such as sheep feeding, horse riding for children, feeding the fish. And there is a small area for children to play sand fun.

Recommended Pork Chopped Steak (210.-) Pork with Dumplings (150.-), Papaya Salad (120.-), Mixed Fish (200.-)

Hot and cold drinks are available in all sizes. Price is about 40-60 baht.

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
If you stay here. Breakfast is available between egg pan, fish porridge, American breakfast.

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
If you want to change the atmosphere to sleep in a car or take a family to relax during the holidays, it is not difficult. Just drive to the Asian road. (Highway 32). Classic Car Caravan – located at 117 km inbound Bangkok. I do not want to.

Classic caravan – Classiccar Caravan
There are 6 Standard Room (750 Baht), Family Room (4 people) and 1,500 Baht (4 people). Price 1,500-2,000 Baht
Address: 96 Moo 7, Asoke Road, 117 km. (Inbound to Bangkok).
Cafe and Restaurant Open daily: 07.30-22.00 hrs.
Tel. 08 9772 1214
Facebook: Classic Caravan – Classiccar Caravan

How Best to Spend 24 Hours in Corfu Town

Corfu is one of the first Greek islands that I have traveled on my last family vacation at the age of 16. We are in a beautiful beach resort. Paleaokastritsa North West Island But take advantage of local buses. Explore the towns and villages of Ipsos, Sidari, Dassia, Kassiopi and Agios Stefanos. Never forget the capital city of Corfu Town.

Since coming back to Corfu Town several times in the last few years, because the canoes normally run to the adjacent Paxos Island, which is home to my mother and father, my stepfather.

Although it is the main port of the island and one of the largest and most populous cities (30,000 people in the Ionian Islands), Corfu is one of the most beautiful capitals in Greece.

Like us, you may find yourself traveling through Corfu to another part of the island or to other islands, so this is the best way to spend 24 hours in Corfu.

Visit the old and new fortress.
In the past, the two fortresses were linked by large walls to protect the inner inhabitants. But the wall was destroyed and today only two doors remain.

You will find the old fort on a small island on the east side of Corfu. Get through the short stone bridge near Espalanade and through the other gate is Porta di Spilia.

Corfu Town

Located just above the old port of Corfu’s new fort, it may not be as interesting as it used to be. It has some wonderful views from the top. It is also full of underground tunnels that run all the way to the old fortress and to the old part of town.

Relax in Theotoki Square
One of my favorite squares in Corfu Town, especially in the late spring when these beautiful purple flowers bloom.

Explore the Museum
Corfu has many outstanding museums, from archaeological museums to the Asian Art Museum.


It is surprising to receive the admiration of the Ming Dynasty pottery in the British colonial palace in Greece. But the Museum of Asian Art is worth a visit.

You will find Japanese ukiyo-e prints, Indian sculptures and Tibetan temple art on the display, and a rear gray backyard with stunning views of the Andaman Sea.

Head to the dock
This is my favorite spot in Corfu. You can join the local people for a swim or enjoy a Greek salad and frappé at one of the waterfront cafés overlooking the old fortress.

TownCorfu Town

Browse Store
Corfu’s rocky cobbled streets are lined with lovely little shops selling everything from olive oil, soap and honey to silver jewelery and beautiful local handicrafts.


Try not to be arrested by LEGO police.
I can not even remember how I met this man. But he is a very poor photographer, so he spent a lot of time hunting for the right time.


Wake up early enough to catch the sunrise.
When the fast boat to Paxos left early in the morning, we were fortunate enough to have a spectacular sunset over the water.


Sunsets are always incredible. But there is something even better about the sun; There is silence in the air and the wonderful feeling that everything starts to slow down.

Have you ever visited Corfu? Are there any attractions or activities you would like to add to my list?