Tanang Homestay, Pua, Nan

โฮมสเตย์ตานงค์ ที่เที่ยวปัว จ.น่าน

If talking about a homestay in the rice fields of Pua district Would not be able 
to talk about Tanang Homestay Because this is the highlight of the accommodation in
 Pua District

With the central location of green fields There is a large mountain backdrop. Resting,
reclining, opening the window for cool breeze, here is the 10th grade that many people love

Which is home style happiness This has become a talk of the town in social media for 
a while. Is what guarantees the beauty of this place That can't be found in the city
โฮมสเตย์ตานงค์ ที่เที่ยวปัว จ.น่าน

โฮมสเตย์ตานงค์ ที่เที่ยวปัว จ.น่าน

Location: Tanng Homestay, Pua, Nan Province: Subdistrict, Pua District, Nan Provinc

Romantic atmosphere restaurant

1.Chocolate Ville


Famous restaurant row Kaset-Nawamin With decorated like a European style village Like sitting in a country outside There are many famous wines. And taking very beautiful pictures As for food, not to mention his deliciousness and very good. Suitable for taking fans who like photography Sit and get wind chill Come and sip a romantic wine.

Location: Kaset-Nawamin Road, KM 11, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240


2.The Glass House Pattaya


The restaurant has an impressive atmosphere. Next to the sea with a romantic and private atmosphere Available in a variety of seating zones With both savory and sweet food Called ready to welcome couples to sit in the suites and soak up the atmosphere by the sea Sip a cool cocktail. Those who visit Pattaya must try once, good service, delicious food, take beautiful pictures of this Valentine. Don’t forget to bring your beloved.


Store location: 5/22 Moo 2, Na Chom Thian, Soi 10, Na Chom Thian District, Sattahip District, Chon Buri 20250


See the sculpture of the straw puppet in the middle of the new fields of Loei province.

Puang Na Na, who visited the new province of Loei Meet the straw puppet sculpture 
Promote community tourism Which is open for viewing from today - April 2018 only

At the other one, the province travels to the northeast. With many interesting attractions 
Bring to anyone who loves When traveling at all together Today, we have one more 
place to visit. The new landmark is to introduce "Straw Pu Na Na". Visitors will be able 
to see the lovely straw puppet sculpture for you to take a fun photo, which is the first 
and only place in it. Many people still think that the straw puppet that looks like? We 
will take you to see each other.

หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ\
หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ
หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ

หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ

หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ
หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ

หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ
หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ
หุ่นฟาง บ้านนาอ้อ


Durian park Nonthanapan

ทุเรียนไม่เป็นที่รู้จักและมีประวัติอันยาวนาน คำขวัญของจังหวัดนนทบุรีกล่าว “พระราชวังพระปรมาภิไธยพระนโรดมวัดวาอารามเป็นที่รู้กันดีว่าทุเรียนไม่ใช่ทุเรียน” Durian Non “มีลักษณะเฉพาะของรสชาติที่ดีนุ่มนวลอ่อนหวานกลมกล่อมลิ้นไม่มีเปลือกเปลือกทุเรียนมีเปลือกหอยบาง ความสม่ำเสมอของสีเขียวตลอดทั้งผลไม้เนื่องจากดินในจังหวัดนนทบุรีสารอาหารของพืชเหมาะสำหรับทุเรียนรวมทั้งคนที่ไม่รักรักษาความงามและความแข็งแรงของทุเรียนเพื่อให้มีทุเรียนที่ดีที่สุดเสมอปัจจุบันสวนทุเรียน ในจังหวัดนนทบุรีได้ลดลงอย่างมากอันเนื่องมาจากภัยธรรมชาติเช่นน้ำท่วมหลายครั้งในปี 2554 เกิดอุทกภัยครั้งใหญ่ในปี 2554 ความเสียหายต่อสวนทุเรียนเป็นจำนวนมากและอีกสาเหตุที่สำคัญคือจังหวัดนนทบุรีมีการขยายตัวของเมืองอย่างรวดเร็ว โครงการที่อยู่อาศัยจำนวนมากเกิดขึ้น เกษตรกรตัดสินใจที่จะขายที่ดินจำนวนมาก ที่ดินในจังหวัดนนทบุรีมีการเติบโตอย่างต่อเนื่อง สวนทุเรียนจะไม่ทำให้เมืองทุเรียนเป็นมรดกสืบทอดมาจากบรรพบุรุษต่อไป

Luangpho Sukhothai

I was in Sukhothai on the day he was.
How do you feel if you own a mountain? I feel like I have at least owned it. “Luang Sukhothai” One day on high mountain with only me with pure natural sound. Nothing disturbing

That’s it. I’m not sure if that is the case. We need to hurry up to book a good tent. I will not be here soon. But he’s the only one who hits me. I will tell you.

This trip to the real world, I just want to find a walk to the day to go alone because it feels like the legs are too soft. I did not walk up the hill over two months. Quick idea There is no equivalent anywhere. Luangpho Sukhothai Ramkhamhaeng National Park I have never been to a time before, have not had a heart.

This is the most appropriate revenge. And then luggage

This team loves you !!! The fan club. Buriram United

Man, we like our favorite sport would be inevitable football, that’s my team that I’m cheering, let’s say it’s the best. Called a top team. Of Thailand, it is with the Thunderbolt Castle or Buriram United itself.

I want to touch the team closely to the edge of the field. Hit the ball to the fans. This is my first post.

Start at Elephant Village Arena or Buriram, known as Thunder Castle, a football club of Buriram United, which is one of the world standard in Thailand. It has a capacity of 32,600 spectators, and FIFA has recorded the world’s smallest stadium, 265. This is another sign of Buriram. Do not lose Castle Phanom Rung as well.

The visit will be open around 30 minutes each round from 09.30 to 16.00 only on no race day. It will start from the press room. Enter the dressing room. And finally, in the field.

And this is the dressing room of the United Buriram United football team! The atmosphere is like the Premier League.

Once inside the stadium, you can walk around and up on the grandstand. The lawn is not allowed to enter.

Tour the field all around. Back to top of the page up there ^

Address: Tambon Isan, Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Opening Hours: The traffic is open around 30 minutes each, from 09:30 to 16:00, only on non-racing days.
Coordinates: https://goo.gl/G1b5nk

Out of the field, I went to the new landmark of Buriram Buriram. Buriram has everything, shops, restaurants, or photo shoots.

Behind the castle is a stone Phanom Rung. There are similarities and sizes equal to the real. The sound system around the castle as well.

There is also a “Siva Garden 12”, a garden of cactus and rock gardens. “Great Siew”, the largest in the world. The Buriram people. Including tourists to appreciate the beauty and relaxation.

Address: Tambon Isan, Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Tel: 09 3559 5588, 09 8103 5331
Opening Hours: Open daily from 10am – 9pm.
Coordinates: https://goo.gl/gH3Meh

Half day tour Thank you. Talk to my idol, such as Chow Nuch, soft or Captain Frog, who opened a forest restaurant in Kanchanaburi style. Captain Frog 8 is next to the elephant arena.

As a captain of Kanchanaburi, so I try to bring the taste of home to Buriram. The atmosphere is casual. Open air to cool.

Normally, the captain will go to the store to take care of the customers by themselves. It’s just a race day.

For the dish of the restaurant is to order a variety of fish dishes Kang. The meat is thick, soft, thick skin, whether it is Tom Yum fish, Kang fish, Kang and fish sauce. Or try spicy wild boar leaves. The fresh curry with freshly squeezed curry paste, the captain’s spicy, it’s the best.

Address: Exit at Amari Buriram Elephant Camp (on the way to Vic Factory) Buriram Buriram 31000
Tel: 08 7830 0090
Opening Hours: Open daily from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm (closed every Monday).
Coordinates: https://her.is/2JUSnX2

Enjoy your stomach. Caffeine with Sunha Cafe, but a small cafe, but the chickens of her husband. I opened the shop and made myself.

By talking. I know that I like to drink coffee. Time to practice the ball to go to the coffee shop. Before coming to share with the older generation known to open this store. I like to present something that I like to play football.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is pretty vintage, a little out of the campground. And the focus is on the collection of car toys, cameras are more decorative accessories. Every corner of the photo is cool.

Another highlight of this is trying to recruit something new. Let’s try it. Sparking Lemon, Black Cocoa, Cocoa Milk and Coffee Orange Juice with Orange Juice

Who wants to meet Barista in this football player. It can be found almost as well. I do not know what to do.

Address: Phattharabophit Intersection (Khao Malang), Muang Buri Ram, Buriram 31000
Opening Hours: Open daily from 09.00 – 18.00 hrs.
Coordinates: https://her.is/2wOC9KZ

This is a true fan. I chose to stay at Amari Buriram United, the first hotel in Thailand decorated as a football theme.

There are 60 Deluxe rooms (44 rooms), Grand Deluxe (14 rooms) and 2 Bedroom Suites (2 rooms).

Dinner is served at Kick Off restaurant with international and Thai dishes.

Address: 444 Moo 15 Buriram – Prakhonchai Road Buriram Buriram 31000
Tel: 0 4411 1444
Coordinates: https://goo.gl/KViVbu

Sorry! It was a happy moment for Buriram United fans like me. This is my first post. I will go to the next page. Waiting for the brothers. ^^

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.

Classic Car Caravan may not be new for the Natives. If anyone passes by on the Asian road, they will see each other until the end. But for us, it may not be frequented by the Chai Nat. This is a chance to rest. Have come to many places in Chainat today, let’s take a look at the classic Car Caravan – Classic Car Car. The car is unique in this area.

Previously, Car Caravan Classic opened exclusively for Cafe Zone and Restaurant. Including family activities. Feed the fish, feed the lambs and have a tree house to walk up to the beautiful picture.

But now Classic Car Caravan has launched a resort-style room. And car-style home designed by the experience of you, the owner of a business that has been doing business for a car for many years, called the classic car caravan in the car industry is well known. Here is a showroom where customers can see the real car before making a purchase.

There are many diners here. Coffee Shop Zone There are activities to bring children to play with animals. Experience the fresh air under the umbrella. To touch the field wide. Take a break from work.

The rooms at the Classic Caravan have 6 standard rooms. Price 750 บาท

Family Room 1 room for 4 persons, price 1,500 Baht with sitting corner in the room.

4 cars for a price of 1,500-2,000 baht to choose a classic car and classic car car in the caravan.

In the garden cafe and restaurant zone. It is open from 07:30 to 22:00, so it is a stopover for travelers and spinners. You can visit the breakfast. And suitable for taking children. Activities such as sheep feeding, horse riding for children, feeding the fish. And there is a small area for children to play sand fun.

Recommended Pork Chopped Steak (210.-) Pork with Dumplings (150.-), Papaya Salad (120.-), Mixed Fish (200.-)

Hot and cold drinks are available in all sizes. Price is about 40-60 baht.

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
If you stay here. Breakfast is available between egg pan, fish porridge, American breakfast.

Classiccar Caravan Chainat, the first car style home on Asian roads.
If you want to change the atmosphere to sleep in a car or take a family to relax during the holidays, it is not difficult. Just drive to the Asian road. (Highway 32). Classic Car Caravan – located at 117 km inbound Bangkok. I do not want to.

Classic caravan – Classiccar Caravan
There are 6 Standard Room (750 Baht), Family Room (4 people) and 1,500 Baht (4 people). Price 1,500-2,000 Baht
Address: 96 Moo 7, Asoke Road, 117 km. (Inbound to Bangkok).
Cafe and Restaurant Open daily: 07.30-22.00 hrs.
Tel. 08 9772 1214
Facebook: Classic Caravan – Classiccar Caravan

Go to Suratthani by Train

Surat Thani Railway Station It is one of the busiest railway stations in Thailand. Travelers who want to travel to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui use Surat Thani. The gateway to these islands. Most tourists choose to take a train from Hat Yai to Surat Thani or from Bangkok to Surat Thani. The railway station is located at Phunphin district, Surat Thani province.
Ticket Counter
You will see the bus waiting area when entering the train station. There are not many ATMs. Surat Thani Railway Station Suitable for travelers who want to buy a Thai Rail Pass at the counter.

Mini Mart
If you walk to the train platform, there will be more seats. For travelers waiting for their train. At the end of the station there is also a mini mart selling snacks. And drinks.

Before the train arrives It is announced via voice. Passengers are ready to take the train.

Taxi Service
Next to the train station in Surat Thani. There is a taxi service station to reach the city of Surat Thani. However, taxis can cost tourists. Surat Thani train to Koh Phangan
If you want to go to Koh Phangan to join. Full Moon Party The famous of Thailand. Travel to the city of Surat Thani. To get to Koh Phangan, not many tourists know that there is a direct bus service from Koh Phangan. Surat Thani train station to Koh Phangan

You can book bus tickets. And ferry tickets Online to travel with Phangan Tour 2000 with www.busonlineticket.co.th

8 Days Life Savage and Adventure

8 days to live in Japan, open the record with a trusted camera. In the land of technology as well as Japan.
If shopping is a pleasure to many people. But for me is ……

Fleeing the Mount Fuji on the summit, fire on the altitude 2,390m.
The Japanese police arrested the accused to steal bike stolen.
Japanese Horse Racing Heart of Tokyo
Take a boat to the center of the sea to hunt down the Black Hawk.
Sleeping in a Japanese house Experience true Japanese taste.
Live in the SEX Gallery
And so much so that I can not forget. All happened in May.

I’m so sorry for that. Then come to me.
That is what I think when looking at the Japanese people I have contacted. This is my friend and aunt who gave this ticket to Japan and stayed with the Japanese family for 8 days, as well as for my Japanese photo shoot.

I was living in the Uncle Kitty’s family and I was standing in front of him as soon as I stepped off the car.
It is a home that is not much like our home, but the size is comparable to our home and that is the first feeling … I think so. I think that’s a good thing. Uncle Kitty said …
This is not my home.
I do not know how to speak Thai. (I can not speak Japanese throughout the trip)
My uncle went into the shillings, letting me come back to Japan for the first time with a few plans to travel. The big house I saw in front of me was not home. The house is four square feet small size, with a few square inches of bar as long as the height of the house ahead.
Uncle said that. The house in front of me is the neighbor. You see, my little house just tells me. 20 million baht
Feel like a movie rolls one of the protagonist to break it up. Come to the release of the leak.
And I was very warm welcome from the small house with the smile of the whole family. There are 3 members, their parents, they love Thai people very much. Especially their daughter who is a fan of James Chi is a motivational force to learn Thai language from now on. I do not know what to say. Maybe I look at them laughing together on the table, suddenly secretly jealous. I started to understand the word …
The big house is not important … What is important today is to love each other.

The first day of the trip. The Japanese people say that you are very lucky to be here today because it is the last day. Of the 3rd week of the month It only takes once a year. This festival is …. Sanja Matsur
Festival of Asakusa Shrine
There will be 3 model shrines around Tokyo in the middle of the main street.
It will be a gathering of the three shrines of the road before converging at the intersection.
Normally, it is customary to be a male bearer.
It is very surprising that many women attend a large shrine that weighs several kilograms, along with men who do not follow the rules. I learned that sex is not important in separating the word. Even if you are a woman, that does not mean you can not do something that is worth sharing. As long as there is a human breath.
I went up the car to get to the point of gathering troops on him Fuji fire. Which … they opened the music !!! In the center of Fuji, I think that the size of Japan also has the music in the car almost in the album.
This is the picture of the morning of waking 3 hit the sun shining Fuji. Before going to his fire Fuji. Even though he knew that this time, he did not open up the hill.
I looked up the path up the hill. Next to the Fuji fire register With that, I came here to walk a bit well. I went to talk to the staff. He had to negotiate with him because of bad weather and very cold weather on it. I fall down every time.
I raised the altitude ….. 2,390m I’m going to take Fuji up one more time.
The staff is full. … After that it will be snowing there … Many tourists are trying to make a lineup (he saw me walking together he followed me). Some people with hearing loss in the middle of the way because of sudden air pressure.
Crap! My ear sounds abnormal on the way. I turned to the staff. Before the authorities He yells and runs down at light speed.
Soon after, the sound of a landslide followed. I understand that even if it is not big and severe. But it is powerful enough to kill people as well.
It is open to walk to the top. Summer only …
Heard from Fujisan.
I have a feeling that someday I will come back …
This trip. In addition to travel Find the meaning in life. I look at the sky and tell myself I’m so lucky
Everything is perfect in what it is.
And what it was like to go on a boat to see the last natural scenery in Hakone … This trip, I had to change my plan to travel to the island to find a strange. Extreme …
I want to see Fuji.
I want to see Sakura bloom ……
I will go to see the temple of the temple in Osaka …….
Oh !!!! This is a metropolis that can be said that.
descent!!!!! Great transportation, really envied.
The Moe And what is the most popular cartoon at home, we follow the city.
Every good thing has the disadvantage that human beings like us are aware of their values ​​and their souls, not to be evil and greedy.
And this place … full name … The doll house in Atami Adult Museum

It was a fate that made me get invited by the Japanese folk. Let’s see the Japanese sea outside Tokyo.
It is a little Thai people will know …. and no one will come to waste it.
It’s on the cliff edge. It is a very old amusement park for almost a century.
The outside is quiet. But inside, filled with dolls and dark stories 18+.
The building is the whole building. Not allowed to shoot But I shoot and bring it out is because … some point is not directed at the ban. And those points are less persuasive.
The door is a mermaid open breast show boast body. When you walk, you will find a long bar with shrines. The respect and faith of the Japanese. It is a satirical art that is straightforward.
Going forward, you will find the history of the aristocratic noble and samurai.
And SEX Scriptures I do not think so.
Including condoms with ancient silk.
With its old location and style of display. That looks like a doll. But what’s interesting here is not the outside. The point I was very interested in is. The idea of ​​expressing itself is a great tactic, and is truly Japanese.
The small hole on the wall, on the way we walked, I caught a glimpse of it, and it drilled in the wrong way. Look at it …
Hmmm, how about Hahaha?
The naked girls, t-shirts, colorful tattoos show us how to focus on them, from the nurse to the sarah and to go around to take other things around.

It’s not just that … the chair has a soft cushion in the center of the room. There is a classic European-style classic vanity.
I’m going to sit and watch.
ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า ผ่า
เห เข
It’s a goddess.
I do not think so. Brasilia Victorian Comfridime !!!!
Hologram projection from chair to 3D mirror My brother was in a rush to come up with provocation. I’m very fussy, very colorful striptease. Reveals colorful nipples Oh nooooooo !!!!!
I like men and women like this taste. I do not have to be disturbed …. because he has since the LGBT.

There is a squeeze between the paths. A game cabinet imitation of the popular Thai people like a box of dolls. It’s not a doll. It is …
I’m going to go to bed with my dad.

There are many more stories in this and I can not tell them all in one post …. I ask for a summary. During the trip.
Since I have come to this province … the point I noticed all over the place is.
Kanichi’s statue is kicking a girl named Miya down on the ground at the center of Atami, and the picture in the museum has the story of both of them lurking about the idea as well.
Creating a coastline in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture is a unique statue in many countries in Japan, celebrating local legend inspired by “Konjiki Yasha” (“Red Devil”). Famous Author of Ozaki Koyo (1868-1903) in the Meiji era.
The girl Miya tells her fiancée Kanichi that she will withdraw her engagement and ask to marry her son, a banker with silver and diamonds. Kanichi is very angry and kicks Miya. The loss of self is abandoned military duties. Abandon the country Have a weak heart. Only one woman Until the story of the marriage of Miya. And the banker son is not pretty. And become the current symbol. To remind people of the past, and some people also interpreted as a trampling of the dignity of women, with the wood has seen an overview of historical content.
“It taught me to realize and feel.
Whether it is a woman or a man. Do not be greedy in wealth or in seduction. The past came to forget the person next to you.
He still loves you And a good person for you Or people around
Do not let him fall into darkness and lose his humanity forever.
Just because of love leads to violence.
People who are with you all the time … may become valuable to mankind and the real world. The people around And your own ”
“A weapon far worse than a nuclear weapon … is love.”
How do you use the weapon you have in your direction? You have to set it on your own.

I left Atami to go to the Manazuru Sea in hopes of experiencing the marvels of the sea. And the living of this creature. The fact that the Japanese people took me to this place is a journey away from the project, I just because I understand that. To find the sea to eat the sea. Any ideas on this reality in the world often do not contradict each other, of course … there is no crab …. only … crab creep !!!
On a sour soup Oh, let the tears flow.

Chuck (long boom)
My hair suddenly drifted and I turned to look at the sky. 10 Black Hawk They were flying over their heads before going down to the sea.
This is a picture I have craved for a long time. I do not know that through my ears that. A good photo is you have to get closer. This is not enough.
I’m looking for anything on the coast to take me to the ocean right now and now!
I found a yacht yacht. There are regular employees. One stands I immediately applied for the right in kindness to support me and the help of Uncle Kitato. That made me jump on a yacht in the heart of the ocean.

Yes, everything is as I predicted and painted in the head in advance …. Incredible things appeared to me.
The 10 Black Hawk Boats fly by the throat, craving something I do not understand.
Do not wait, people + Japanese tourists. On the boat together 6 unknown life Lash out It is !!!!
Fried fried Hanami !!!
Japanese tourists are wild about 70-80. And then throw the shrimp crackers into the sea, and of course, the Black Hawk’s shot to the sea, like a bow, swiftly and rapidly.

In my head I began to see the behavior of the Black Hawk, which may have told us the consequences of the warming world.
The warming up in some areas ….
Destroying something of value to the food chain. Fish less so that Black-eared kite began to learn to be tricky with humans.
This is a shot that I painted in the head of the opportunity not to lose. To show the truth about the impact of the environment, the world reminds us ….
Finally, this shot image. I was awarded National Geographic Thaiand.
Featured photos From NGThai project NatureCalling2017 Weekly 1 (5 – 11 June 2017)

รวมภาพถ่ายอันโดดเด่น จากโครงการNGThai NatureCalling2018

This is the inspiration that I will not stop. To protect them With the style of work. The art of photography later.

After re-enacting the forests, lakes, and oceans, I returned to Tokyo again. After several days, dabbed hard. The first thing I thought was … to visit the Museum to get ideas for new work out. It’s like a secret knife to think it always sharp.

I plan to visit the National Art Center Tokyo, a government museum in Tokyo.
For Japanese people, the moment of rest is not just a movie, a movie, or a sleep in the house. But the most popular Japanese thing is … Visiting art.
On the day I was a Japanese artist, Even the Japanese who do not know art. Which he calls [Miyamoto] Yayoi Kusama
My Eternal Soul is here and open for booking tickets in front of the gallery. A long queue burst out over the street. In order to see Miz live, which is seen from the morning. Until now, there is no way to stop. The show will start at 6 pm to 3 pm, which I thought was late for me, so I did not buy tickets to see this female artist.
For me, the addiction to art. It is a story that will fill the knowledge. And the experience that many artists are trying to convey.
And accept that I care. With the goal of the most work by the camera device that I use as a device that will promote these works to grow and emotionally.
In the art gallery, there will be a photo contest, a photo gallery. It’s like the paradise of dream artists.


Experienced … Japanese police are arrested on suspicion of stealing a bicycle !!!!
Walking with two smiling faces. And then ….. behind the back!
Police: = * ‘*’ 9 ÷ 99229 ÷ 97 # 72 # × + ((÷ $ (‘@ £ @ ????
Police 2: ÷ # / & ++ 0975? / * * * # (÷ ???????
We do not understand passports for him to see that we are Thai. I do not understand …. he was smiling ….
Agaaaaa ~~
Police: $ * ÷ 9292 @ £ # (÷ (÷ ¥ = ¥ $ 99 # ????
(Look at the bike and then point at the license plate, name, bike and phone number and address)
I’m not sure if that’s the case.
Police 2: ÷ * # £ $ 9 = 9290 @ # ¥ 0 ????
It’s not a good idea to leave it alone. The call to the owner of a Japanese bicycle borrowed him to talk to each other as if they are the people who know very well in that area. He smiled and let us go.
Let’s go
I went back to ask the owner of the bike how he caught me.
…..he said
“Why do you drive a bicycle without a bike lock?
So I understand that. How did you steal him?
Japanese cyclists must show their locks on the bike at all times … I forgot to tell you. ”
ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ ตำรวจ Is the eye or the falcon eye?
Watching … Japanese police He was not scary at all, and he had a very good manners. And smiled with the most polite.
I’m not sure what to say.

When it comes to the last days of living in Japan … what I feel is Thank you all for joining us. And this is the first time I’ve taken a note of my life to scrutinize every word that comes to mind at that moment. And it is the first post in life and the first. I intend to present it through my eyes and learning with this trip.
Thanks to the generous Kito family and pushed me to open the world without a caveat. Thank you for believing in me until I grow up.
Thank you all for supporting me to do what I love unconditionally.
Thanks to the teachers who taught me all and made me learn more.
Thank you It is a powerful force in every journey. I’m glad to have you as a couple. I always look forward to advice and advice.
Finally, thank you all for coming along and readers to finish. And every conversation Letters later If you have any questions, I am ready to learn and develop. Thank you ….
I will tell you and take a new picture offline.
I have to understand what has not been understood. It is what keeps us going. It is my pleasure.
Do not forget to backpack out to find some meaning of life ….


Space Innovation Creation Park Chonburi province

Become astronaut at the first space museum in Thailand. Enjoy the photography. Wearing a astronaut costume Try to practice before going out. Watch the pilot’s life. Space exploration 3D virtual reality in space Inspire the universe.

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ อุทยานรังสรรค์นวัตกรรมอวกาศ จังหวัดชลบุรี

Space Inspirium is located at Sriracha, Chonburi.
Coordinates 13 06 09.3 N 100 55 49.6 E or use Google Map by key Space Inspirium and press Search.

“You are not alone in the Universe” from questions to answers. Space Inspirium The Universe of Inspiration The first and only space in Thailand.
The first space museum in Thailand by GISTDA Space and Geospatial Development Agency. (Public Organization)
A land where visitors will be aware of the universe. The inspiration to live.

There are 13 zones in each zone are different.

Universe 1: The Origin of the Universe

Learn where the world comes from. And who are we in the Milky Way galaxy? Pass the asteroid. And come to that answer. “Why do not we float out of this world?” And why does the world have such a thing?

Zone 2: Historical Technology of Space: Space and Exploration Technology
Inspired by the surroundings. Learn through time. The process of thinking in a variety of ways. From imagination to great invention. Enjoy the mission of sending spacecraft and satellites into orbit in the Space Mission Game.

Zone 3 Life Begins to Space
Preparation for space What factors to consider in going out to the world? When out of the world. How does the body react with gravity? Gyroscope experiments to simulate the anti-gravity training of astronauts.

Space Station 4: Space Station
Living Research Being in the ISS (International Space Station: ISS) and try the mission with astronaut gloves.

Zone 5 Space 3D Theater: 3D Theater
Enjoy 3D movies that will guide you through the vast universe through stars.

Zone 6 Satellite: Satellite
Get acquainted with satellite types and orbits. How to create a satellite Have fun with the mission Mars. Excited with the big world with satellite orbit.
“Thai Hom Mali Satellite” is Thailand’s first satellite resource. On Wednesday, October 1, 2008, the station was in Sriracha, Chonburi.

Zone 7 Geo Informatics: Geoinformatics
Introduction of geo-information technology in everyday life. The emphasis is on the subject.

Zone 8 Remote Sensing: Remote Sensing
Learn how the data acquisition process. We do not have to explore ourselves.

Zone 9 Global Navigation Satellite System: Global Navigation Satellite System
Enjoy the Tracking Game, which assumes the player assumes the role of city clerk. Will the team solve the problem with any route?

Zone 10 Geographic Information Systems: Geographic Information Systems
The information is abundant. What processes must be followed? It will come out as a map.

Zone 11 GISTDA My House: Travel around the world in 1 minute.

Zone 12 Geo Informatics Applications:
Applications in various fields. Natural and Environmental Utilization Agriculture Town Planning and Protection Enhance understanding through the game of building cities. Games, guides, farmers, etc.

Zone 13 Applications for Tomorrow: Inspiration is created from anywhere around us in 360 degrees.
Take a photo of the camera “Bearing the world” is a photo shoot. Inside the space museum, tourists like it.
Each time There are activities. To rotate each other such activities wearing astronauts. (With photo and photo frames) make a key astronaut.

Take a photo “Astronaut” and send photos to facebook.
And many more.

Souvenir Corner
Admission fee (Both Thai and foreigners)
Adult 50 Baht, Child 20 Baht
Free admission for
Children up to 120 cm height / monks, novices, disabled / elderly 60 years old.

Tuesday – Friday 9am – 4pm
Saturday – Sunday and public holidays 09.00 – 17.00
(Closed Mondays)